Susan and Jamie Spitzley cruzin their vineyard.
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Winemakers agree that making great wine begins with great fruit. That was the cornerstone for the creation of Boulder Ridge. After studying viticulture for two years and eager to embark on a path toward the wine industry, Susan Spitzley began diligent research on soils, rootstocks, suitable varietals and clones.

After embracing this adventure in 2003, she and her husband Jamie, lovingly planted their vineyard. Committed to protecting the environment in this venture, they set out to grow the highest quality Pinot Noir and Syrah naturally. In their unique microclimate, 7 miles inland from the coastal town of Cambria, cooling fog drifts out to sea by mid morning and warm sunshine prevails on the south and west facing vineyards through the afternoon hours.

By 2006 and 2007, their vines were flourishing. They were thrilled to be seeing the first income from their endeavor and gratified that buyers appreciated the quality of their grapes. It was through a grape purchase contract that they met Augie Hug; a gentle man and passionate winemaker who would become not only their close friend but also their winemaker.


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About Us

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